Our classic collection is poured in olive or clear glass as well as our signature bark; all with a variety of packaging options. 




LEFT: Olive Glass, Bark, and Large Bark Candles with vintage flasks and decanters.
RIGHT: Jacket by Crittenden. Vintage vest and scarf.



Our large double wick candles are available in all scents with a burn time of over 90 hours.  



LEFT: Dress, CP Shades for We Took to the Woods. Vintage leather riding pants and victorian shirt.
RIGHT: Olive Glass, Bark, and Large Bark Candles with vintage flasks & decanters.





Breuer sweater with vintage khakis. Jack Walker belt buckle and bracelet.  



Breuer sweater with vintage khakis. Vintage Navajo turquoise necklace. 



Our black collection is available in gold, red, black, and silver with classic or tartan packaging. 





LEFT: Large black candle with gold.
RIGHT: Breuer scarf with vintage leather jacket.





All of our large candles come with a letter pressed topper indicating the scent and initialed by the pourer. 






Our indigo collection is available in clear or bark and all feature our fern logo packaging. 




Reversible striped indigo sweatshirt and flannel by Faherty Brand. 



Breuer navy sweater and polka dot scarf. 








Our tartan packaging is available for our bark, glass, and matte black candles. 



Breuer sweater and paisley scarf with CP shades plaid skirt.
Bracelets b Scosha, Kika NY, and Jack Walker.



We Took to the Woods Plaid shirt.
Tartan Jacket by Crittenden and vintage tie.















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